Prevent Theft and Catch Criminals

Camera systems are an important part of any properly designed security system. What a lot of people don’t realize is that most thieves are known to the victims. Whether it’s a shady neighbour, or a disgruntled employee, having a camera system can mean the difference between whether or not you catch the offenders. Footage gained through surveillance can be used to track criminals on site with visual verification, and prosecute them down the road.

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The Future Of Surveillance is IP

IP based camera system solutions offer a plethora of benefits over the traditional analog camera (CCTV) systems. Prices have been coming down on IP camera equipment, and we feel there has never been a better time to have an IP camera system installed.

  • IP Cameras have a resolution up to 20x HIGHER than their analog counterparts.
  • Ultra clear day and night images.
  • View your camera system from anywhere in the world through the internet.
  • Large storage for long term playback ability.
  • Real-time playback. No lag or stutter.
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$2499 3MP Special on IP Cameras

Until May 31st, we’re offering a very special deal on 4x 3Megapixel IP camera equipment and installation to our valued customers. This is a great deal,┬áso act fast before this deal is gone!

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