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Frequently Asked Questions

Below you can find answers to some of our most frequently asked questions. If there is a question you can’t find the answer to, feel free to contact us.

Refer to your user manual

  • Refer to your operator’s manual to change codes or determine what the trouble light indicates
  • To download your owner’s manual for your alarm system please refer to our User Manuals section.

Still having problems?  Get help!

  • If you cannot determine what the cause of your trouble is and need assistance, please call us at (604)522-2121.
  • Please note that Proactive will dispatch a technician after-hours only if the problem is deemed to be an emergency. Otherwise all service will be dealt with and handled during standard business hours.

Cellular backup, sometimes just referred to as “GSM” is a communication method for security alarm systems. It enables the alarm panel to communicate over the cellular network. This can be useful in preventing criminals from cutting your phone line and rendering traditional communication methods useless.

A lot of customers are also moving away from having home phones in their house, and having a cellular backup for their alarm panel means they actually save money because of not having to pay for a home phone just to keep their alarm system working.

Not all VOIP lines function the same way.  The fact is, that some lines may work.  You’ll have to speak with your VOIP company and ask them whether or not their service will transmit alarm signals reliably.  The reality is that most VOIP lines are problem ridden when it comes to communicating with the monitoring station, and we do not recommend it.

An alternative to paying for a monthly phone line is having us install a cellular backup unit for you.

Get a cell backup