Proactive Security: The #1 Choice in Security

Your security system just has to work. When you buy a Proactive system you’re buying peace of mind. Come see the Proactive difference.

    Monitoring Rates Starting at $26.95/month!

    Our products are security industry grade tough, and installed by top-notch installers to boot. That’s why we guarantee our installations for a full year. If you have any problems with your equipment, we’ll replace it. Period.
    • Our installation and equipment is guaranteed for a full year.
    • We give 24/7 support, and emergency service.
    • We retrofit all our wiring. We hate surface wiring!
    • Our installations look great! We take our time and it shows.
    • Control your alarm and camera system from your phone or computer.
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    Assessing your security needs can be overwhelming.

    Let us take the guess work out of protection for you. Camera systems are an excellent addition to a burglary alarm system for full, front to back coverage. Give us a call today to learn more about surveillance systems and how they
    can protect you.
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